What the site is

This is a blog I've created to help fellow wargamers use their money most effectively when buying wargaming miniatures. I will focus most on Warhammer 40k but I may also discuss the other games that I play, mostly Bolt Action, and Flames of War. Warhammer is an expensive hobby, fortunately there are many resources that can used when collecting an army. Here's what to expect from the blog:

- 3rd party miniatures that can be used to represent each faction
- Other GW models that can be used for 40k
- Ebay guides for buying miniatures and selling armies
- Comparing points per dollar to find cheapest army list possible for each faction
- Comparing price ranges for each faction, which is the least expensive
- Budget terrain
- Justifying the cost and how much you can expect to save
- Similar wargames that cost less

If you're interested in using historical and psychological tactics in Warhammer, check out my other blog;                        http://fifthcolumntactics.blogspot.com/

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